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(One season: 1986- 1987)

Debbie Lydia Grant
Michael Ian Ware
Nia Nicole Chapman
Jesse Jesse
Carrie Reggie
Olivia Maxie
Albert Mr. Shorofsky
Loretta Dusty
Elisa Jillian
Billy Chris
Dick Lou Mackie
Ann Mrs. Berg
Gene Anthony Leroy

Michael was a series regular for one season on this popular 80's TV show in the role of Ian Ware. Ian is a new student at the School of the Arts having just arrived from England. He studies the guitar and has a passion for Rock 'n' Roll, much to the chagrin of his music teacher, Mr. Shorofsky who would like him to stick to classical music. Ian pretty much eat, sleeps, and drinks with his guitar in his hand and is the best musician in his class even though he cannot read ONE note of music- rather he has the ability to listen to music and play it back note for note. Mr. Shorofsky eventually tutors him in sight reading after much arguing. Eventually Ian learns how to read music, and the rest of the episodes usually involve Ian learning to fit into the school and learning more about himself, discovering just what he can acomplish as a musician.

Quantum Leap
Season # 3
AIRDATE: April 10, 1991

Scott Sam Beckett
Dean Al

Guest Stars:
Christian Hoff, Peter Noone, Johnathan Gries, Michael Cerveris, Robert Bauer, Liza Whichcraft

This particular episode of Quantum Leap was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Costumes in the year it ran (but also, in my opinion, because Michael's presence made it an amazing episode).

In case you are unfamiliar with this show, here is a general plot summary. Samuel Beckett is a brilliant physicist who has developed a way of travelling through time called "Quantum Leaping" (hence the title). He does this by leaping into the bodies of people in other time periods, within his own lifetime. Unfortunately, Sam does not know how to get back home so he must continue leaping until he finally does. In order for Sam to go onto his next leap, he must help the person he has leaped into by changing their history in some way. Helping Sam along the way is his friend Al, who appears to him from the future as a hologram.

In this particular episode, Sam leaps into the body of the lead singer of a British 70's glam rock band called "King Thunder". The band members wear make-up a la KISS!! Michael appears as the band's guitar player and actually has quite a good role in the episode! Sam's ultimate goal is to reunite the singer with the son he never knew he had (played by Christian Hoff, who it is interesting to note, was in the original cast of The Who's Tommy on Broadway as a Pinball Lad).

The Equalizer
Appearences in Two Episodes

Apearance #1
Episode #063
AIRDATE: 3/23/88
TITLE: Last Call

Edward McCall
Robert Control
Keith Mickey Kostmayer
William Scott McCall
Maureen Pete O'Phelan

Guest Stars:
Joe Maruzzo, Michael Cerveris, Kathleen Doyle, David Schramm, James Rebhorn, Collen Ann Fitzpatrick, Maureen Anderman, Peter Sellers, Charles Keating

Kostmayer, Pete, and several customers are taken hostage by a rapist being hunted by a mob assassin

W: Robert Crais D: Michael O'Herlihy

Appearance # 2
AIRDATE: 6/29/89
TITLE: Race Traitors


Edward Woodward, Keith Szarabajka, Robert Joy, David Andrews, Michael Cerveris, Verna Bloom, Aleta Mitchell, Larry Fishburne, Caroline Kava, Bruce Hubbard

Summary:A black family is tormented by a group of racists. In order to stop this harassment, McCall must pose as one of the racists in order to break them apart.

W: Wayne Powers, Donna Dottley Powers and Gail Morgan Hickman D: Robert E. Warren

Dream On
TITLE: And Bobby Makes Three
AIRDATE: 8/18/93
Episode # 65

Brian Martin Tupper
Wendie Judith Tupper Stone
Chris Jeremy Tupper

Guest Stars:
Michael Bobby
Bianca Martha
Danielle Von Kat

Martin's ex-wife Judith appears at his door one day, begging him to take her to her childbirth class in the absence of her husband Richard who is away accepting the presidency of a small country(!). After much hesitation, he agrees, but while there ends up running into an old high school friend named Kat who is facing motherhood alone after her boyfriend walked out on her seven months prior. This boyfriend is Bobby Krull (played by Michael), MCA recording artist and an irresponsible rock star always out for a good time. One day, Bobby just walks back into her life after deciding he'd like to be a dad, and expects her to welcome him back with open arms. This doesn't happen since she is currently dating Martin. Bobby seems sincerely eager to re-enter her life and assume the role of father until Martin scares him away, by explaining that Bobby will have to give up his crazy way of living. Martin finally convinces Bobby that with all of the bad, fatherhood brings a whole lot of good

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