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Here are a some of my favorite sound files!! They are taken from various interviews and CDs, as well as Michael's television and movie appearances. Enjoy!!

Sounds of Tommy

Amazing Journey (CD Version- Clip #1)

Amazing Journey (CD Version- Clip #2)

Sensation (CD Version- Clip #1)

Sensation (CD Version- Clip #2)

Listening to You (CD Version- Clip #1)

Listening to You (CD Version- Clip #2)

Sounds of Titanic

"The Blame" (CD Version)

Mr. Andrew's Vision (CD Version- Clip #1)

Mr. Andrew's Vision (CD Version- Clip #2)

"In Every Age"
From the rehearsal period of the Broadway production of Titanic. This sounds really great!

Titanic on Rosie O'Donnell... Rosie singing along with the CD recording of "In Every Age" AND Rosie messing up Michael's name

The 1997 Tony's
Michael, setting up the scene, for the Titanic cast's performance at the 1997 Tony Awards.

Sounds of LAME

"Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", Part I and Part II
Two great files (two parts from the same song) and a rarity!! It's from the LAME demo tape (the name of Michael's former band, not a statement of quality)... a cover of the Ramones song!

Interviews and Live Appearances

E! on Broadway
Murray the Pinball Lizard

CBS Morning News

Oh What a Beautiful Morning. . . A beautiful clip of Michael singing part of this Oklahoma song

NBC NY News: Live At Five

Did he beat you?!? While talking about how everything in Tommy was just how Pete Townshend wanted it, the interviewer asks Michael (jokingly) this odd question!

Does Michael have his own band?

Low Expectations. . . Michael commenting on "Lame" as the name of his band!

Good Day New York

Michael as Mr. Broadway Musical Stuntguy!
Funny comment made about his tendency of getting physically adventurous stage roles

WOR Titanic Special

Comments on Thomas Andrews. . . Michael comments on his Titanic character, Thomas Andrews, and what he was like in real life.

Movie Appearances

Steel and Lace

Are you a Moron??

Lines From TV Appearances


"I don't need a Tu-Tah!"

Don't Be Shy. . .

Frannie Fortune in the loooo

Private Eye

Dream On

Little Leather Jacket

An Empty Helmut. . .

Krull and Crossbones. . .

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