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Michael Related Links:

Michael's Favorite Things

The Unofficial "Fame" Webpage
Pam Rosensteel's "Fame" page. I recommend this site highly. Lots of great info on the popular 80's TV show on which Michael was a regular.

Hedwig's Wicked Little Town
My site providing a synopsis, articles, photos, cast bios and the latest news on the Off-Broadway Show "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"

Tommy related links:

Sally Simpson's Page

Journey On: The Official Marcia Mitzman Gaven Site
An ever growing and ever evolving site on the best Mrs. Walker ever. A great site by my pal Amy which also includes links to her other great sites including a Misunderstood Musical Lyrics page that's a lot of fun!

A German Tommy site
Can someone translate? I sure wish I knew German!

Titanic Links:

The official web site of Titanic: The Musical
BuyBroadway's site

An unofficial Titanic fan page!!

Victoria Clark
A fabulous site by Farin on a fabulous actress. Clearly Vicki's biggest fan!

The Deck Plans
Christine's unofficial yet comprehensive Titanic site! Under construction but keep checking back.

RMS Titanic, Inc.
Check out this site from the company that has sole rights to Titanic artifacts and the exploration of the wreck. Lots of great historic information!

Broadway Links:

Playbill On-Line
The center of all things Broadway.

A site with information on Broadway and beyond. It's a general arts and culture site with info not only on Broadway but also ballet, opera, jazz... you name it!

Jill Hobgood's Theatricopia

The Brian Stokes Mitchell Home Page

Little Eponinet and Christine's Page
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