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Rolling Stone: Random Notes
September 3, 1998
~By Anthony Bozza~

What's better than a glammed-up rock opera about a transsexual, staged in the hotel where the Titanic survivors were housed? How 'bout seeing Michael Cerveris, the bewigged star of said rock opera, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, mount audience member Pete Townshend during a recent performance? "As soon as they put me in an aisle seat, I knew something was going to happen," said a bemused Townshend. These two fellas first met when Cerveris was wearing pants as the lead in the Broadway version of The Who's "Tommy." "Without Pete, I wouldn't be in this dress," Cerveris said. "Tommy set me on the road. Pete said, 'I can't show you how to act, but I can show you how to be a rock star.'" Said Townshend, "So I showed him where I vomited."