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Welcome!!  Thank you for coming to my cozy
little site and taking the time to stop and say hello.
I hope you enjoy your visit and find the information
that you are looking for about the amazing Broadway
actor, Michael Cerveris.  If you don't, and you see
that I have left out any information that you feel
should be on my site, please feel free to E-Mail me!!

I have been a Michael Cerveris fan for about three and
a half years now, and all his talent and energy still blows
me away 'til this day.  Whenever I see him perform, his
intensity and emotion send chills down my spine.

Seeing the magic that michael created in The Who's
is what made me the Broadway fanatic that
I am today.  I had the plesure of seeing Michael in
Tommy and seven times in Titanic (which he is currently appearing in at the Lunt-Fontaine theater).
I am not exaggerating when I say that I become a
bigger fan each time!